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Hankkija-Maatalous Oy   

The Hankkija Oy's plant in Säkylä produces a wide range of mixed feeds for cattle, feed components as well as various options for cereal component feeding on pig farms. In addition the company sub-contracts mixed feed for retail and industry. Hankkija Oy is the leading processor of sugar beet pulp in Finland.

The business idea of the Säkylä plant is based on distinct co-operation with the agribusinesses. The animal feed manufactured by Hankkija Oy is primarily marketed through the proprietary Agrimarket sales network. In recent years the raw materials used within the animal feed industry, of which Farmarin Rypsi Mixer is a typical example, have also become a part of the animal feed component trade. This product is pure ground turnip rape, which is not circulated through the factory but delivered directly to the farms from the harbour warehouses. The textured soy protein Farmarin Soijarouhe supplied to the pig farms is being traded in a similar way.



Contact persons in the production:

Factory Chief Mr. Kimmo Hurttila                             

tel. 010 402 7640   fax 010 402 7622
email: kimmo.hurttila@agrimarket.fi


Production Manager Mr. Matti Riikonen

tel. 010 402 7650   fax 010 402 7622
email: matti.riikonen@agrimarket.fi

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